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Motivele sunt diverse, si includ lipsa de timp sau de bani; afacerile mici si mijlocii nu considera dezvoltarea unui mobisite pentru afacerea lor o prioritate.

„I can barely get all my customers’ stuff done,” said Lisa Pyler, owner of Cherry Creek’s Gallerie Rouge, which specializes in vintage posters. „I literally don’t have time to think about it.” But experts say mobile strategy is important for all businesses, not just the well-known social-media and tech companies that dominate the mobile-app world.



Dar sa ne uitam la niste statistici recente specifice pietei SUA:

  1. About 20 percent of U.S. Internet traffic today comes from mobile devices, but only 26 percentof small businesses have a mobile website, according to a recent study.
  2. Of the 26 percent of small businesses that do have a mobile website, 84 percentreported Mile High Spirits has a website that customers can access on their smartphones. growth stemming from their mobile presence, said in a recent report.
  3. Tech-research group Gartner reports that 50 percent of Web sales will be generated from social and mobile Web apps by 2015.



GoMobi dezvolta de la inceputul anului 2012 solutii mobile pentru afacerile mici si mijlocii.

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